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If you've ever wondered just how much of your music collection is messed up (missing artist names, track titles, albums and album cover art), TuneUp can tell you in a matter of seconds. Simply drag the messy tracks from your player and drop them right into the TuneUp sidebar. "Clean" will digitally listen to each track and find its matching fingerprint in Gracenote’s MusicID™ database, which is the largest collection of music metadata in the world, housing over 90 million indexed tracks.

Say goodbye to “Track 01” and “Unknown Artist,” and hello to a brand new digital music experience, with the most intelligent song organizer on the planet.

TuneUp has the solution no matter how messed up your music collection might be!

Check out the cool features in this TuneUp demo.

Follow these simple steps.

How to activate

STEP 1: Get a unique activation code by clicking on the blue button "Claim Now".

STEP 2: Download the latest trial version of TuneUp from

STEP 3: Istall it, and start the program.

STEP 4: You will be presented with a registration form, register or wait 'til later, it doesn't matter.

STEP 5: In the lower right corner, click on the "Upgrade" button. Enter the annual activation key you have received from this website.

Final and easiest step: Start cleaning your messy music collection! But don't forget to come back in a year when your key expires :)

Watch this tutorial.


Will this key still work if TuneUp gets updated ? Yes.

Does this work for both MAC and PC ? Yes.

Can I claim a new key when my current one expires ? Yes, but for now, your IP is marked as "active". When you license expires, you are eligible to get a new key.

For a quick overview of all the features, visit
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How this is possible

-Short explanation on how this is possible, without going over too many details, since this is a very sensitive topic.

For quite some years we have successfully used this blog to offer cracks/serial keys to leading music organizing softwares, such as Tidysongs (Rinse), Tagalicious, MediaMonkey and  of course TuneUp. Most of the above mentioned products have now ceased operations. Therefore we have redesigned our blog to solely focus on the most popular one, TuneUp.

Background: When TuneUp Media launced their software "TuneUp", (initially known as TuneUp Companion) the product had some minor bugs here and there, some more notably than the rest. If you used TuneUp back then, you might be familiar with the "Clean bug". TuneUp Media offered a 90 free "Clean" trial to test out their software. When you ran out of "Cleans", there were no other options left but to buy the program. This was easily exploited by many, with a very simple trick. Best of all, it didn't require any software modification (crack). Simply enough, you could just reconnect to your router at 0 "Cleans" left, then start the program again and Voilá! (this method does not work anymore)

Eventually everything got sorted out, and people started to look for other alternate ways to get TuneUp for free. One way to achieve this was to use a modified version. It was around this time we started this blog, and released our first TuneUp crack. But cracked software typically have one thing in common. In time, they will always get patched...

Moving on to the interesting part; When TuneUp changed their brand name from the initial "TuneUp Companion" to just "TuneUp", improvements alongside some new features were implemented to the software. Together with EZscript, we began working on a crack for the newer and more complex version.

EZscript is better known for his contribution to the most popular TuneUp crack by ronsijm. You might have used it yourself. Watch it in action here: (this does not work anymore). We suggest checking his blog out, if you are looking for an up-to-date TuneUp crack, link here.

In the the process of modifying our cracked version, it came to our knowledge, that TuneUp Media outsourced a temporary activation code system to a third party contractor, who then used an algorithm to generate valid codes. This type of system is independent, and the codes won't be stored in their database.

As an example of how this algorithm works, lets say  "a b c" in a code is in the line with "1 2 3" then it triggers as a valid activation code. It won't produce any random activation code, even though it can theoretically produce an infinite number. It is still bound by a fixed combination of numbers and letters, such as 1:1, 2:2, 3:3, and so on, until infinity:infinity. Late 2013 we gained access to this system, and decided to cancel all work on cracking music software, which we had done successfully for some years.

Up until now, we haven't had any problems with our "activation code service", which is quite remarkable. Disabling this code system is no complex task, TuneUp Media can just manually shut it down, which will require simple programming.
Our theory is that this code system was once used at Macworld Expo 2011, for some sort of live giveaway, but never got disabled. (Image is taken from the TuneUp booth at Macworld Expo 2011.)

If you read through all that, you may wonder what would happen if they suddenly decide to shut down the system. For you, the answer is "nothing". Assuming you have acquired a key from this website and activated your annual license, it will keep working until the expiration date. For us, it means we have to go back to cracking again, but thats our hobby and what we love to do. There are no other softwares on the market, that is even close to the quality and features TuneUp offers, which makes it unique and a must have for any music lover.

On a side note: as of February 27, 2014 TuneUp Media ceased operations, but relaunched on March 7, 2014 under a new ownership. Lets not hope it changes things... :)
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Key Features

Fix mislabeled song information, fill in album artwork and zap duplicate tracks. All this in just a few clicks.

"Cover Art" automatically scans your entire music collection and identifies albums that are missing artwork.

"Clean" uses acoustic fingerprint technology to quickly and intelligently fix inaccurate metadata.

You can remove all duplicate songs with a single click or review them individually.

Unlock TuneUp, and Start Cleaning!
Credit to EZscript for contributing. Visit their site Here for a similar service.